Create a Happy State of Mind

State of mind” includes your mood and your mental state at a certain point in time. It is related to he quality of one’s consciousness as it relates to the outside world, as well as the perception of inner thoughts and emotions.

If I ask you how’s mood? You may reply in positive or in negative way.

Just imagine you woke up with a bad mood for whatever reason You believe that since your mood is bad you would have a bad day and you start warning people around you to behave with you in nice way. Such behavior comes from a limiting belief that mood takes time to change. Now think of a totally opposite situation.

Suppose you are in a very good mood and have planned to go out with XYZ. Everything is planned but then unexpectedly XYZ gets some emergency work and cannot be with you. Still will your mood be the same, good? No, you will get upset, right?

So your belief that mood takes time to change doesn’t hold true here. Mood changes, though many people think they have to live with whatever mood they’re in. They buy into the limiting believes that they are prone to unhappiness or anxiety or that they can only be in a good mood when the outside world is moving as they want it to. When you change your mood, you change your life.

But my dear friends, the simple understanding that your mood & state of mind totally belongs to YOU. You are the key to your state of mind- be it happy or Sad. Its totally your choice. It has nothing to do with outside people or events.

You must examine your limiting beliefs – are they positive or destructive? Identify any destructive beliefs about your ability to control your emotions and replace them with empowering ones.

You are what your belief system is. Nothing is permanent in this world- not even the state of mind

Talk to yourself the way you talk to your friend and give suggestions that are more optimist /positive. Remember, rather than pondering over a bad mood, just ask a simple, question- what can I do to change this bad mood? If the answer is practical , within your reach and kind for you and the people around you, you must take action. Action changes thought process and thus it changes your state of mind.

Next time you catch yourself in negative self talk, imagine that you are your own best friend – would you talk to your friends the way your inner critic talks to you? Think of something positive instead. You’ll not only discover how to improve mood, you’ll change your entire outlook on life

Hope now you agree with me that only you can change your state of mind.

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