Evolution means change

The concept of evolution is often associated with the concept of change. However, any change, even the positive one, is usually accompanied by ambivalent emotions.

We may want and desire change, but manytimes we may fear it or even sabotage it.

Change can evoke a variety of emotions such as joy, relief, fear, anxiety, anxiety. The feeling that we are no longer in control of things can cause terror and insecurity.

But what do we do when the old no longer does us, but the new we do not know, we do not know and therefore it scares us?

What do we do when things around us suddenly change and we are called upon to adapt to these changes?

When the old shoes do not make us anymore, but we have not yet found our new pair to find our steps on the new path that we imagine, that we dream and that we wish to carve?

There are no magical answers and solutions.

In such ambiguous moments we are required to stay calm , give ourself some space and listen to all the thoughts coming and going from our mind.

Change means saying goodbye to something and welcoming something else, and saying goodbye, like welcome, are processes that in themselves have a charge.

As difficult or even painful as some changes are, they are useful for evolution.

Evolution withour change is not possible. And change is not possible without embracing the ambivalent emotions. The more we are aware of the ambivalent emotions, the better prepared we are to understand them and manage them.

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