Simple habit to change your perspective in life

We are so used to dealing with complexities that we have distanced ourselves from some simple yet important life changing habits.

Gratitude is one of those habits. Its the easiest thing to do.

Practice this habit 2 times a day (after waking up & before going to bed) and experience the difference yourself.

You just have to look at the things that are present around you and be thankful that you have them all to add colour to your life.

The fact that you could have 8 hours long sleep in comforted mattress of your own bedroom is worth realizing because in this world there are many people who are roofless and have to sleep on road

Perhaps gratitude is you woke up! The alternative is, you didn’t. Or how about being grateful for seeing a beautiful sunrise from outside your window / balcony! Because we are one of those fortunate individuals who have a normal eye vision.

All that’s required is the individual take a breath then look around and find something—anything—to be grateful for.

You can experience the joy now.

Take a pause and breath in & out . If you can, take a notebook and a pen and write down list of all things that you have and are grateful for. You can even list those things in your head while walking or doing any other activity. Say for example; I am happy to have a lovely and caring family. I stay amidst beautiful nature and could inhale fresh air all time. I am free to live my life as I want to. I could go on and on for lengths and I know you too could do this. This is an easy task and you could do it anywhere and anytime. It really shifts thoughts . I find it easily changes our perspective and erases many of problems we think we have.

The daily practice of gratitude begets more gratitude. Life stories are revealed. The joy of visiting a good friend or a compassionate relative or our loving & caring parent’s house is very precious and we should be thankful for having those wonderful people in our lives,

The joy & happiness resulting from feeling grateful acts like a natural antidepressant .

In that rainbow of appreciation, our biology changes, our attitudes change, and our love actually grows a bit deeper for Five Minutes a Day.

I would focus on everything that was going right in my life (instead of everything that was going wrong). I eventually trained my mind to count my blessings in life every time I started to focus on negativity. Often, it would snap me out of any negative energy I had and it made me feel blessed and lucky. Happiness became immediately accessible to me even in the toughest moments of my life.

When things are going bad in your life, it is easy to focus on all of the bad (instead of how lucky you are that things are not even worse). For me, gratitude has become my magic fountain of happiness.

Gratitude rewrites the old stories, puts a fresh face on them, and releases them.

Wishing you grateful thanks every day!

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