Why are we less happy today?

Hey friend, how are you doing? If I ask you if you are happy today, you may take time to think and answer this question and chances are that you may not be certain with your answer.

You may be living a luxurious life, in your dream house; but still feeling some gap in happiness.

While being richer, even living longer, having more property, having more friends, having more food, having more services and enjoying more luxuries, we are not happier than a time.

We continuouly compare and compete our achievement, our status, our position and our life with others. We let our life to be dictated and judged by others. And then we strive hard to prove ourselves.The fear of being judged good or bad, winning or losing , makes us think continuously if we have done a certain thing or a certain choice well.

We worry if we have the right car or home, or if we have a job that is important enough, not for us but for the judgment of others.

We always try to understand if in the eyes of others the things we do and have are okay , but we don't think if they are right for us.

Surely you have said to yourself at least one of these things:

§ I will be happy when in my current account there will be ...,

§ I will be happy when I earn ...,

§ I will be happy when I have that house,

§ I will be happy when I have that car,

§ I will be happy when I find another partner,

§ I will be happy when I go on vacation,

§ i will be happy when i get the promotion,

§ I will be happy when I have no more mortgage payments to pay,

§ I will be happy when I find another job,

§ I will be happy when I take the raise,

§ i will be happy when i retire,

§ I will be happy when ...

But try to think about when you feel really happy or the last time you felt really happy.

It is most likely not because of the house you live in or the car you drive, or the various things you own, or the money you have.

So take your life in your hand. Take a break from the mundane life, sit quietly in nature and revisit your good experiences and think of the instances that make you feel happy,

Decide for yourself that you want to be happy and then use some of your time and intelligence to train yourself to be happy.

As per the science of Happiness, there are certain tried & tested skills that can help you to be happy.

For more details, you can connect with your Happiness & Relationship Coach, Archana or download the app - "BEST life Skills" and enroll for the Happiness Course, which is based on scientific research & experiments.

Wish you A Happy Life !!!

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